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Statement: Black Lives Matter

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Statement: Black Lives Matter

Statement: Black Lives Matter

United for Global Mental Health stands in support of Black Lives Matter. 


As an organisation we condemn racism of all kinds. Over the past few weeks, we have taken time to make a conscious effort to listen and to learn. For us, inaction on this issue is not an option. 


We acknowledge that more needs to be done to address racism and in particular the systemic racism that has been powerfully, and painfully, highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement. We acknowledge that we must all do better. 


Many Black Lives Matter advocates from around the world have spoken about the importance of addressing the mental health of those impacted by racism and police brutality. We stand with these advocates and are committed to supporting all those with lived experience to speak out about how their mental health has been impacted by racism and what needs to change.


One of our staff recently shared a comment which struck a chord with me -  that individuals and organisations the world over are being challenged to: “Be honest about why these discussions have or have not happened before this point. What will this mean for how your organisation engages with anti-racist work in the future? Commit to continuing this work after the headlines cease.” 


Over the last few weeks we have been taking time to reflect individually and with our team on what more we can do.  We have agreed to develop an actionable plan for our organisation, led by our team and in consultation with our board. We will also be discussing the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on our advocacy and campaigning work to determine what more we can all do to bring about much needed change.


Elisha London, Founder & CEO, United for Global Mental Health