We’re committed to a world where empowered societies reject mental health stigma and discrimination and promote mental health rights. But to counter outdated attitudes to mental health, we need greater education for all.

An illustration of a community group from China

Our vision is for a world where:

  • The voices of people with lived experience are amplified, listened to, and involved in the design and delivery of mental health services and support
  • The global development community is educated and engaged on mental health
  • Governments lead and fund mental health education programmes

To realise this we need:

  • National and grassroots’ civil society, especially people with lived experience, to fully participate in global moments and decision-making at all levels;
  • A coordinated global mental health community, working together to maximise impact and avoid duplication of work;
  • The integration of mental health education and anti-stigma campaigns into national mental health policies and programmes.

Our Focus

From 2021–2023 our focus is to build the mental health community’s advocacy whilst increasing its impact. We are:

  • Continuing to act as the secretariat for the Global Mental Health Action Network to support shared learning and maximise advocacy impact;
  • Working with partners to build and deliver effective, targeted global and national mental health campaigns;
  • Helping to educate the international community of the importance of prioritising and investing in mental health;
  • Continuing to design and helping to deliver multi-stakeholder action for World Mental Health Day – increasing awareness and securing greater political and financial support.

The Global Mental Health Action Network

The Global Mental Health Action Network is the world’s leading advocacy network for better global mental health.

We set up this community of advocates to focus on building the political and social will to make mental health services accessible globally. United for Global Mental Health continues to act as the secretariat for this membership network.