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Global Mental Health Action Network (GMHAN): Five Reasons to join!

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Global Mental Health Action Network (GMHAN): Five Reasons to join!

The Global Mental Health Action Network is an open community of mental health professionals who share a mission to improve support of mental health globally.


With more than 1000 members from academia, governments, international organisations, NGOs and the private sector, coming from over 90 countries, there are many reasons to be part of this growing group. Below we have listed the top reasons our members have highlighted:


1. Collaborate

There is power in partnerships and with the breadth of members in the Network, you can collaborate across sectors, topics and regions as part of your work accelerating the right to good mental health. Working together to improve political and financial support across the world is what we do!


2. Coordinate

Learning what others are doing, as well as how and when they are doing it, means you can discover opportunities to align and amplify yours, and others work as part of a growing community determined to protect the right to good mental health.


3. Knowledge and intel

With experts from across a range of sectors, and contexts from around the globe, you can access the knowledge, insights and experiences of members to inform your own work and help build evidence to develop policy positions, recommendations and campaigns that will deliver lasting change to global mental health.


4. Network 

Gaining fresh ideas, being exposed to different perspectives and developing new relationships are all part of the networking opportunities you can have, connecting, seeking advice and finding opportunities with those that share an ambition to improve global mental health for all. 


5. Reach and influence 

As the largest global mental health network of its kind, members can be part of influencing key decision-making processes and moments, providing thought-leadership, and accelerating political and financial support for global mental health through joint communications and advocacy projects.

Together we can help move the dial on global mental health, so that by 2030 everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to in support of their mental health. 




To sign up to the Network click here. You can also follow our new page, and join the group on LinkedIn, or click here to find out more.