“The Women’s Circles have helped me handle the agitation that comes from being isolated in my home. Leaving the house, where no one supports you, where sometimes they scold you, and having a space to laugh or cry, sharing difficult times and hearing the stories and advice of other women has helped me a lot.  When I return home, I have renewed and positive energy and can think more calmly again.

Before, I thought I wasn’t worth much as a woman, but in the Circles, we learn how to value, respect and love ourselves. Participating in the sessions has made me feel more comfortable. Even at home I’ve started joking and telling stories, and we fight less. I used to be ashamed to talk.  Now, I feel stronger.

Building friendships and trust with other women was a new experience and has helped me to be more loving with my family. I used to be quite angry; if my children didn’t obey me I would hit them and feel sad. I have understood that talking, listening and understanding can help a lot and hardly get angry anymore.  I have realized that one has to overcome one’s nerves, and not the other way around.” – Lucrecia, Guatemala

Buena Semilla aims is to empower marginalized communities to look after and promote the health and wellbeing of women and young infants. We build local capacity, create Women Circles, strengthen community networks, build on local resources and traditions, and promote community mobilization. Women Circles were developed to nurture the innate strength of the community and includes a series of group activities that promote wellbeing, reduce stress, and facilitate knowledge sharing in an inclusive atmosphere.  Buena Semilla is also part of Ember – an incubator aimed at scaling and sustaining innovation in global mental health.