“I am a member of Haabersti Clubhouse, in Tallinn Estonia. I go to the Clubhouse almost every day, and it has become like another home to me. Belonging to my Clubhouse has given my life meaning, and a sense of importance. It is what motivates me to push forward again.

Before I came to Clubhouse, was my life bleak. I had no place to go outside of my home. My mental disability made it hard for me to go out, and I was not welcomed or accepted anywhere outside.

But now it is different. In my Clubhouse, I am needed and wanted and expected. I can use my skills and my talents. I enter data on the computer, and I help out in the kitchen and in the office. I have helped with translations, editing our newsletter, and doing the Clubhouse statistics. Because of this, I have been inspired and encouraged to apply for paid jobs in the community. My Clubhouse is the only place in my life that accepts me, welcomes me, and appreciates my contributions. I am greeted so warmly at my Clubhouse that it makes my life feel worthwhile.”

– Toomas Panker, Estonia

Clubhouse International is a global non-profit organization dedicated to ending social and economic isolation for people with mental illness. We grow and sustain a robust network of Clubhouses around the world that offer a proven model of psychosocial rehabilitation and community integration.

Organized around a work-ordered day, Clubhouses are filled with the buzz of excitement as members rediscover a sense of belonging and learn new skills while making friends and rebuilding lives often devastated by mental illness.

Clubhouse International membership represents nearly 300 programs in 32 countries. Each year, more than 100,000 people living with mental illness access Clubhouse services.