Isaï first came to Bria Hospital in March 2018 on the back of a motorcycle. As a result of extreme agitation, the young man had been tied up for at least 10 days. Severely dehydrated, he had been unable to sleep or eat. His wounds had become deeply infected and he needed immediate care. Isaï received vital care from an ER nurse, who recognized signs of mental disorder. The International Medical Corps psychiatrist diagnosed Isaï with psychosis and epilepsy. With treatment and medication, Isaï’s condition stabilized—and after only two days, he felt well enough to eat again.

Ten days later, Isaï was discharged from the hospital but returned every two weeks for follow-up visits. He developed a good relationship with his psychiatrist and trained health staff, who encouraged him to continue his medication and follow-up visits. Today, Isaï eats and sleeps well. He takes care of himself and can work in the fields again. Having relied on assistance to get around, he now manages to get from one place to another by himself. Isaï now hopes to get married in the future, and wants to take care of his mother—as she once took care of him.

International Medical Corps is a non-profit relief and development organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care, training, relief and development programs. It does not only respond to emergencies – its innovative programs tackle some of the world’s most difficult challenges such as disease, hunger and poverty. Since the inception of International Medical Corps in 1984, it has worked in more than 75 countries. Today it are active in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Unlike many other relief organizations, International Medical Corps stays long after the crisis has ended to help communities recover and move towards self-reliance.