Rachel* has been hospitalized twice due to bipolar episodes and is currently meeting with a psychiatrist regularly to determine the medication and regime that work best for her health. She was directed to The Stability Network’s website by her therapist and later shared how encouraged she was after reading through the stories of Stability Leaders. She expressed the validation she felt after reading through the journeys of people who have experienced mental health challenges similar to her own.

One specific piece of advice from Stability Leader Adam Tewell stuck with her. In his story, Adam advises that anyone with his condition focus first on getting stable and then think about setting goals for the future. This advice led Rachel to step back and commit to take life one day at a time rather than ruminate over unrealistic goals for the future. She was encouraged to share her belief that if these individuals could still live lives of fullness amidst their mental health challenges, so could she.

(*name has been changed to keep confidentiality)

The Stability Network is an emerging movement of people in the workforce speaking out about their own mental health conditions to bring hope to individuals experiencing mental health challenges. We openly share our stories to change how people with mental health conditions are perceived in their workplaces and to provide living proof that it is possible to recover and thrive.