One in four of us will be affected by mental ill health in our lifetime. That represents a huge cost to health care systems and the global
economy, in turn affecting some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Despite this, mental health receives a fraction of the funding
allocated to other health issues, especially in low and middle-income countries where both the quantity and quality
of available treatment is inadequate.

If the required progress is to be made across the globe, the international community must urgently prioritise mental health funding.
United for Global Mental Health works to identify the best new and existing ways of generating funding, promoting those to potential
funders, and helping to ensure that additional funding is most efficiently allocated.

On average, just 0.5% of the annual health budgets of LMICs is allocated to mental health, of which 80% goes to mental hospitals.

In 2015 development aid to mental health (DAMH) was US$132 million, equal to just 0.4% of total development aid to health (DAH).

Current Projects to Accelerate Funding in LMICs

Phase 1

Boston Consulting Group worked with us and global mental health experts from a range of organisations to develop a report identifying what needs to be funded and where.

Phase 2

Lions Head Global Capital Partners worked with us and global mental health experts from a range of organisations across the world to identify how new funding could be generated for global mental health. Read the report here.

Phase 3

We are now working with partners to focus on a number of individual countries where we can help increase funding for mental health on the ground; and we are working with a new international donor working group that is focused on current, and potential increases in international financing for mental health.