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Move For Mental Health


World Mental Health Day 2020

#MoveForMentalHealth: Let's Invest

This year’s official World Mental Health Day theme is Mental Health For All: Greater Investment - Greater Access. To encourage public action around the world we have joined forces with the World Health Organization and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) to developed a campaign using the theme #MoveForMentalHealth - Let's Invest. 

Why? Because there is not enough movement on mental health; not enough movement on mental health investment; not enough movement on mental health access; and not enough movement on each and every person’s right to good mental health.

Take the #MoveForMentalHealth challenge

Starting on 7 October, we will be leading the #MoveForMentalHealth challenge in partnership with the World Health Organization and the World Federation for Mental Health. The challenge is a visual representation of the world’s call for global movement on mental health so everyone, everywhere has support. 

Man with football


Here’s how you can take the challenge:

Step 1: Head to TikTok between the 7-10 of October and click the + button. 

Step 2: Tap the “Sounds” menu at the top and pick a sound of your choice, then record yourself moving. You can take a walk, do a dance, ride a bike, paint a picture, read a book, or play a sport! The challenge is yours to interpret any way you’d like.

Step 3: Post your video using #MoveForMentalHealth. Then, check out the #MoveForMentalHealth hashtag to see how everyone else around the world is moving too!

Not on TikTok? You can get involved on other social platforms!

Film yourself moving in any way you choose , then share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or What’s App Status using #MoveForMentalHealth and a personal message. Don’t forget to tag your friends to encourage them to get involved.

Join the world's first 24 hour virtual March for Mental Health

The Speak Your Mind campaign has organised the world's first ever 24 hour virtual March for Mental Health. 

The March for Mental Health kicks off on the 9th October and people around the globe are invited to join together in united action. There will be a Facebook live event, with 24 hours of content from 18 countries, plus thematic hours led by leading organisations on LGBTIQ+, inclusion, dementia, youth and humanitarian crises.

Marchers can join in on social media, using filters that allow you to surround yourself with others marching with you and hear the noise of your collective action.