Our Work

We focus on what will make the most difference to global mental health, and we build whatever it takes to make that happen

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Our Work

What we do

We unite: campaigners, practitioners, national organisations, businesses, people with lived experiences, funders, researchers, governments, and international bodies so that they can learn, collaborate and make greater progress together.

We incubateDesigning and setting up the initiatives that will make the most impact on global mental health and helping them to grow and ultimately flourish independently.

Our Key Activities


United for Global Mental Health is helping to drive an increase in political will and investment for mental health around the world.


United for Global Mental Health works with partners to advocate for greater financing for mental health. We do this work at a national and global level.

Museum of Lost and Found Potential

On World Mental Health Day 2019, a new exhibition revealed the stark and powerful picture of potential that is lost across the world to people, families, communities, businesses and society due to neglected mental health and suicide. It also showed the potential of everything that can be found when people receive the support they need.