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World Mental Health Day 2020

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World Mental Health Day 2020

In 2020 we were honoured to be asked by the WHO and the World Federation for Mental Health to design and develop the campaign for World Mental Health Day. 

So we created #MoveForMentalHealth - Let’s Invest. The campaign reached over 500m people. 

Together we encouraged people around the world to move together to demonstrate the demand for greater investment from governments, businesses, and funders, so that everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to in support of their mental health. 

The fully virtual campaign brought together a range of stakeholders including UN leaders and agencies, civil society organisations, governments, private sector organisations and high profile celebrities, with a whole range of activities. 

Below are just a few of our highlights.


A WMHD Tik Tok Challenge

We joined forces with the World Health Organization, the World Federation for Mental Health and Tik Tok to launch the #MoveForMentalHealth challenge, with the aim of kickstarting a bigger conversation about the importance of investing in mental health.

Together we encouraged people to help raise awareness for mental wellbeing and show how they would #MoveForMentalHealth. From dancing in the kitchen, to a yoga-filled lunch break or a brisk countryside walk this World Mental Health Day, the world came together to #MoveForMentalHealth, as people filmed themselves moving in any way they liked and sharing the video on social media. 

Rich Waterworth, UK General Manager at TikTok, said: "2020 has been a challenging year for so many of us...and with uncertain times ahead, it makes this World Mental Health Day more important than ever. At TikTok we're proud to be working together with the World Health Organisation, the World Federation for Mental Health and United for Global Mental Health to help kick-start a conversation about mental health in our community. This World Mental Health Day will be the biggest yet on TikTok, and we hope our community of creators join us to raise awareness of this all important cause."

We were delighted to see that the #MoveForMentalHealth hashtag gained over 500 million views and 101K posts on Tik Tok. 

A Virtual March for Mental Health

The world’s first virtual March for Mental Health used a mixture of short films and interviews to take participants on a tour around the world to learn more about mental health around the world. The campaign included the creation of AR Filters and social media stickers, for a unified, global message.

The March put a spotlight on the mental health challenges and solutions being faced in 17 countries, and highlighted the themes of mental health and youth, LGBTQI+, inclusion, dementia and emergency crises. 

There were also 7 specific themes, putting a spotlight on mental health and youth, LGBTIQ+, inclusion, dementia, suicide prevention, and humanitarian emergencies. In an emotionally powerful and multiple award-winning project by Warner Music Group Asia, featured artists laid bare emotive lyrics about their own mental health journeys. 

With over 130 activists, experts, people with lived experience and leaders sharing their stories and hopes for better mental health through greater investment, the message was heard loud and clear. It’s time to invest in mental health.

A Global Anthem

“Move Together”, our World Mental Health Day anthem was released by 8 global artists from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Providing a soundtrack for people to move, and lyrics of hopefulness, the track has wide distribution on all major music streaming and download platforms.

The anthem features vocal performances from Sharlene Taule (Dominican Republic), Ali Stone (Colombia), Martin Trevy (Colombia), Tamtam (Saudi Arabia), Korede Bello (Nigeria), Alex Ritchie (US), Jennifer Lee Snowden (US) and Monica Dogra (India)

An accompanying dance has also been choreographed by Morgan Choice, the Australian dancer who has worked with Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Martin, Jessie J and Flo Rida. Young dancers from the Dream Catchers Academy in Nigeria also feature in the video to the anthem which lets people join in, move and share.

Martin Trevy said "As a young man who has struggled with anxiety that left me feeling alone, I wanted to be a part of making this track because this World Mental Health Day everyone, everywhere should have tools available in support of their mental health."

The anthem was also featured on TikTok Sounds as part of their commitment to making this World Mental Health Day the biggest and best yet.

Reports from our partners at the country level are already showing that for the first time they are being invited to talk to government officials and the media about mental health, or where those relationships already existed they are now at a higher level with more strategic focus. This is crucial, as action at national and local levels remains essential to our goal of achieving long-lasting change. 


A huge thank you to everyone who was involved or took part in our activities, and we look forward to seeing more critical action on this important issue.