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We want to see a world where everyone, everywhere, has someone to turn to in support of their mental health. This is at the heart of our advocacy work.

United for Global Mental Health is helping to drive an increase in political will and investment for mental health around the world. We provide advocacy, campaigning and financing support to global institutions, businesses, communities and individual change makers seeking greater action on global mental health.

To do this we initiate, coordinate and unite collaborative advocacy efforts that will deliver change in both global and national public policy on mental health, to increase domestic and international finance - and the effectiveness of its spending - and to protect human rights so that quality mental health systems are accessible by all. 

Through these efforts we aim to help the voices of those most affected and those delivering mental health support to be heard, especially those from low- and middle-income countries. . 

Awareness of the gaps in funding, policy and political support for mental health around the world is growing. Much more needs to be done to fill these gaps.

Integrating Mental Health in Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

We believe that there can be no health without mental health. At the same time, mental health provision lags far behind the need - this was true before COVID-19, and is especially the case now. Integrating mental health into UHC is the key mechanism to ensure that everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to for their mental health needs. We, alongside partners in the global health community and beyond, will build on recent global successes (such as the 2019 Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting on UHC) to ensure that mental health is fully integrated within UHC.

Dramatically increasing international finance for mental health

We are calling on global health financing mechanisms, such as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, to fully integrate mental health into their investments.
Not only can the mental health sector benefit from existing global health finance and building holistic health systems but without investing in mental health much potential progress on physical health will be lost.