Who we are

United for Global Mental Health is committed to improving mental health for all, so that every person, everywhere, has somewhere to turn when they need support.

How we work

Our goal is to build a world that enables good mental health for all. But for people to get the support they need, decision makers from all organisations, employers and communities need greater education around the impact of poor mental health – and convincing of how best to address it.

Guided by four areas of strategic impact (rights, education, systems and finance) our team makes the case for increased financing, influences decision-makers to deliver rights-based mental health policies, designs and supports global and national advocacy campaigns, and advises on high-level engagement, strategy and programme design.

We work with partners who share our vision for a better world, taking vital steps to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and increase avenues of support for mental health around the world

By combining our extensive in-house expertise in advocacy, financing and campaigning with the unique insights of our many partners, we’re already making progress on our mission.

Our Team

The team that makes up United for Global Mental Health is diverse, passionate, and truly representative of our global efforts. Our experts draw on the diversity of their backgrounds and experiences to enact real change in every corner of the world in partnership with a wide range of organisations.

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Image of Sarah Kline, CEO and co-founder of UnitedGMH

Sarah Kline

CEO and Co-Founder

An internationally recognised expert in mental health advocacy, previously at the World Health Organisation, World Bank, the UK government and Oxfam.
Image of Ben Haber, Head of Finance & Operations of UnitedGMH

Ben Haber

Head of Finance & Operations

A chartered accountant with experience in charity management, strategy, social enterprise and organisational design. A Director of New Economy Org.
Image of Claire Hoffman, Senior Communications Consultant of UnitedGMH

Claire Hoffman

Senior Communications Consultant

20+ years experience in strategic communications in international development working with NGOs, the UN & foundations. MSc in Int’l Development.

Our Governance

United for Global Mental Health is overseen by two groups of trustees who bring a range of expertise from around the world including: mental health policy and practice; global and national advocacy; the perspectives of people with lived experience; and the realities of those working in high, middle and/or low income countries.

Our Board oversees our wider mission and ensures we are making progress against our goals. The American Friends of United for Global Mental Health is our American Board. This group oversees our US-based activities, funding, and engagement.

United for Global Mental Health is a registered charity and a registered company in the United Kingdom, and a 501(c)(3) organisation in the United States of America.

United for Global Mental Health Board

Alan Court

Senior Advisor to the WHO Ambassador for Global Strategy and Health Financing

Babita Sharma

Broadcaster, journalist and award-winning author

Enoch Li

Founder and Managing Director of Bearapy

Professor Sir Graham Thornicroft

Psychiatrist, professor and global mental health practitioner

Natasha Müller

Founder of Kokoro and Founder & CEO at NM Impact Ltd.

Neelesh Heredia

Chief of Staff, Global Sustainability at HSBC Holdings Plc.

Peter Yaro

Executive Director at BasicNeeds-GHANA

Samantha Brown

Global Co-Managing Partner Employment, Pensions & Incentives (UK, US & EMEA) at Herbert Smith Freehills Law Firm

American Friends of United for Global Mental Health

Gabrielle Fitzgerald

Founder and CEO of Panorama

Zak Williams

Co-Founder & CEO of PYM

Pamela Collins

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Global Health at the University of Washington

Our Supporters

United for Global Mental Health is funded by a combination of trusts and foundations, independent philanthropists, corporate grants and bilateral governments. We remain incredibly grateful to all of our supporters.

Our Origins

Group of UnitedGMH staff and partners as part of the Speak Your Mind campaign

Elisha London founded United for Global Mental Health in 2017 after learning that the level of global and national investment in mental health significantly underserved the demand for support.

With a mental health crisis brewing and a lack of united global leadership driving the mental health agenda forward the first organisation to campaign for better mental health policies and increased financing at a global level was born.

Together with co-founders, Sarah Kline and Zander Woollcombe, Elisha created a network of experts, mental health campaigners, people with lived experience, trusts and foundations and the business community to better understand where support was needed, what was happening around the world, and how mental ill health could be prevented.