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Mental Health Advocacy Roadmap

The Global Mental Health Advocacy Roadmap for 2022-2023 sets out how we can collaborate to make change happen. The product of discussions and inputs from multiple stakeholders around the world, it identifies a series of objectives that will be central to accelerating progress on mental health. 


United for Global Mental Health is dedicated to creating a world that enables good mental health for all. We draw on our expertise in policy, advocacy, and financing to work with organisations who share our commitment to driving mental health up the political agenda - and securing additional funding for mental health at national and global level.


We are experts in policy, advocacy, and financing to secure significant results.


We are informed by people’s lived experience, across a diverse range of backgrounds.


We are driven by a vision of a healthier, more productive and inclusive world.

Countdown Global Mental Health 2030

Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 is the first independent monitoring and accountability mechanism that uses a broad and integrated set of indicators to monitor progress for mental health. Developed by United for Global Mental Health in partnership with the WHOUNICEFGlobalMentalHealth@HarvardGlobal Mental Health Peer Network and The Lancet, this free and interactive dashboard lets users search mental health data by country using a range of indicators, combined with an annual monitoring report on what the latest data shows.

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind (SYM) is a global citizen-led partnership with a collective purpose to unite national and international campaigning groups, individuals and influencers and demand progress for mental health around the world. It was developed by its partners, incubated and supported by UnitedGMH, working with a range of national and global organisations. Funders have included Comic Relief and HSBC.