There is no health without mental health

People are talking about mental health now more than ever before. At United for Global Mental Health, we’re turning talk into action.

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CEO Sarah Kline at the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in Paris

Our latest news

Putting the environment and climate change on the global mental health agenda.

Discover how the fifth Global Mental Health Ministerial Summit is pioneering a critical theme: “mental health in all policies.” For the first time, UnitedGMH is championing the integration of mental health, environment, and climate change experts at the summit, pushing for urgent mainstreaming. Delve into the pressing need to address mental health challenges exacerbated by climate and environmental change and explore the call for global action and research to mitigate this growing burden.

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Image of two South Asian women discussing Mental Health

About Us

Our goal is to build a world that enables good mental health for all. By working with trusted partners who share our vision for a better world, we’re taking vital steps to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and increase support for mental health around the world.


Our Team

Our global team is made up of experts in mental health advocacy, financing and campaigning.

Mental Health Support

United for Global Mental Health is not a provider of mental health support services or guidance. If you feel you are in need of mental health support, please visit Find A Helpline who have identified over 1,600 free and confidential support resources available over phone, text or web chat.

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If you have any questions about our work or would like to connect with a member of the United for Global Mental Health team, please get in contact with us.