Philanthropic Finance for Global Mental Health

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Philanthropic Finance for Global Mental Health

Despite the need, global mental health remains under resourced and underfunded from both domestic and international sources around the world. Over 1 billion people around the world are living with a mental disorder, yet countries spend an average of less than 2% of health budgets on mental health, and international finance to global mental health in 2019 was only US $160 million. 


To help tackle the lack of concerted philanthropic effort to accelerate on this urgent issue, we are delighted to mark the launch of our latest report - ‘Unlocking The Power of Philanthropy: How Next Generation Philanthropists Can Transform Mental Health Funding’ - produced in partnership between UnitedGMH, Natasha Muller Impact and Arabella Advisors.

The Report

The report examines the barriers of increasing philanthropic investment, both for philanthropists and the sector itself, and the opportunities for overcoming them. Based on in-depth research and interviews with next-generation philanthropists, it shows how traditional barriers are now being broken down across the sector. The report also offers practical guidance and case studies for philanthropists wanting to get started in mental health, or for those looking to expand their support.

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The Briefing

The briefing provides a snapshot of current philanthropic mental health funding and how next-generation philanthropists can make their funding more catalytic and impactful. It explores what is holding philanthropists back from giving (or giving more) to mental health, and how philanthropists can overcome the barriers. This will be followed by a larger report that contains more in-depth research, including interviews with next-generation philanthropists.

The Launch Event

On Tuesday 27th April we marked the launch of our new paper with an expert panel event. With speakers including Kate Roberts (Maverick Collective), Natasha Müller (NM Impact), Raj Mariwala (Mariwala Health Initiative), Alan Court (Senior Advisor, WHO Ambassador Global Strategy and Health Financing), Jon Myer (Associate Director of Orygen Digital, member of The Myer Foundation) and Taha Sabri (Taskeen), we layed out key recommendations for the philanthropic and mental health communities, and reflected on the future for mental health philanthropy.