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Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 - Testimonials

Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 aims to provide the first independent, multistakeholder monitoring and accountability mechanism for mental health. It is designed to be used by a wide range of stakeholders to inform action: action to campaign, to advocate, to communicate and to change policy and practice so that everyone everywhere is able to exercise their right to the highest attainable level of mental health.


Here’s what UnitedGMH and our partners have to say:

“In recent years – and the last 18 months in particular - we have seen a welcome new level of political attention and commitment to mental health; beyond that, however, there remains a continuing need to galvanize financial investments and to engender accountability for the actions that countries’ have committed themselves to undertaking...Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 can provide the world with a regular temperature check on our collective efforts to enhance and protect mental health and well being for all.” - Dr. Devora Kestel, Director, Mental Health and Substance Use, WHO


“This will be a great resource for us, both as an advocacy tool for engaging with governments, and for students who are needing global mental health indicators for their research. A real strength of the Countdown 2030 dashboard is that it measures social determinants of mental health, as well as the resources currently in place to provide mental health care around the world." - Prof Crick Lund, Professor of Global Mental Health and Development, King’s Global Health Institute, Centre for Global Mental Health



“We must prioritize measurement, better data, monitoring, and accountability mechanisms for mental health so we can all develop and deliver effective policies and programmes. UNICEF is enthusiastic about collaborating with Countdown 2030 Global Mental Health partners to help drive progress on mental health throughout the life course” - Mark Hereward, Associate Director of Data & Analytics at Division of Data, Research and Policy, UNICEF


“A lack of data on mental health results in poor planning and allocation of resources towards mental health programmes. As South Africa prepares for a review of the Mental Health Policy Framework, data on mental health will be beneficial to ensure that all gaps in services will be considered and also assist SAFMH in its advocacy and campaigning for better mental health in South Africa.” - Bharti Patel, National Executive Director, SA Federation for Mental Health





“Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 is a game-changer. It will help all of us to map our way to a much brighter future for mental health worldwide.” - Dr Niall Boyce, Editor The Lancet Psychiatry



“Really appreciate the effort and the available data from every country will surely help us a lot in understanding mental health conditions from other places.” - Anggrek Hapsari, Sekretariat EDP & Infokom, Indonesia



“UnitedGMH has been committed to helping develop and deliver Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 since the outset because we believe everyone should be able to harness data for action. All of us can use data to strengthen the case for action on mental health -  whether improving rights or increasing access to services. And knowledge is power: this project is designed to put knowledge in the hands of the people." - Sarah Kline, CEO United Global Mental Health


“This is commendable work and some data gaps can be seen for Kenya, that only goes to show the opportunities available in regards to filling these gaps. The data has been broken down into segments that a layman would understand and comprehend with the breakdown showcasing gaps which, again, are business opportunities for researchers. The data could be on ground and yet to be uploaded and updated, that's the ball in our court.” - Allan Madegwa, Mental Health Advocate with Amazing Minds Africa, Kenya


"As an international lived experience organisation, the Global Mental Health Peer Network is excited to join forces as a partner in the Countdown 2030 initiative, through highlighting that the time has come for mental health to be recognised as a critical element to achieving the SDGs. To track and account for where we are at and where we need to go, will remedy much of what has been neglected in mental health. For us as individuals living with mental health conditions within the Network, we see hope through the action that will be generated from the Countdown 2030 initiative." - Charlene Sunkel, Founder & CEO, Global Mental Health Peer Network


"This is really great. Misinformation and incomplete data worsen the life of people with mental health problems." - Pradeep Gunarathne, CAN MH Lanka, Sri Lanka


“Inclusion of mental health and wellbeing in the SDGs was a major step forward but lack of relevant and timely data on the links between mental health and other development indicators has hampered progress. Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 begins to overcome this barrier by allowing countries to see where they are on mental health within the overall development agenda and what policy actions are needed”. - Shekhar Saxena, Professor of the Practice of Global Mental Health, Global Health and Population, Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health

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