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Here you can find more information about our financing work. 


United for Global Mental Health exists to help accelerate political and financial support for mental health around the world. With an average of just 2% of government health budgets across the world being allocated to mental health and just 1% of international aid for health being spent on mental health, the situation requires immediate and decisive change. We work with partners to advocate for greater financing for mental health at national and global levels: financing that primarily needs to be invested in community level support in line with WHO and other UN agency recommendations. 


United for Global Mental Health believes that, ultimately, only adequate, efficient and sustainable public mental health finance systems will allow everyone’s mental health rights to be realised. We work with national advocates and campaigners, and national governments to increase and improve government finance for mental health. 


With the level of public finance for mental health being so low in many countries, international finance is required to initially fill financing gaps but also provide the catalyst for adequate, efficient and sustainable public mental health finance. We work with international donors to increase funding, to catalyse further mental health finance, integrate mental health into existing programs and emergency response plans, and to strengthen coordination amongst donors. 


Moreover, in some cases philanthropic financing is needed and we work to identify and promote investment in mental health by philanthropic donors.

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