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Global Mental Health Action Network

The Global Mental Health Action Network is an open community of mental health professionals who share a mission to protect the right to good mental health and work together to advocate to improve political and financial support for mental health across the world. With over 1800 engaged members from over 117 countries, the membership consists of academia, governments, UN agencies, the private sector, and civil society, it is the largest global mental health network of its kind in the world.

What does it do?

The Network works collectively to accelerate political and financial support for global mental health through joint communications, advocacy projects, and thought leadership around the world. Members are connected through knowledge and learning calls, a LinkedIn community, annual meetings and regular newsletters.The Network convenes working groups on youth and child mental health, financing for mental health, communications, suicide decriminalisation and research.


We believe we can progress the understanding and support for mental health globally, so that  everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to when their mental health needs support. Through our advocacy, communications, and collaboration, we work to improve support of mental health globally.



Our Work


The Network aims to accelerate political and financial support for global mental health. We organise joint events, and come together around key global moments to advocate for change.

Working Groups

The Network has working groups for more focused collaboration and advocacy on Youth and Child Mental Health, Mental Health Financing, Mental Health Research, Communications and Suicide Decriminalisation.

Sharing Learning

The Network amplifies the work of its members and promotes opportunities for collaboration between members. We share news on global mental health activities, events and opportunities for collaboration through our newsletter, LinkedIn group, regular calls and webinars.

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Frequently Asked Questions



To receive updates and opportunities for engagement, you can join the Network here, or become a member of the LinkedIn Group. You can also find the Network Newsletters for updates, and contact for further information.


How is the Network run?

The Network is guided by its Terms of Reference. The strategic direction of the network is provided by the Network advisory board, a part selected and part elected board who represent the entire Network membership. United for Global Mental Health provides the secretariat for the network and assists members to coordinate, share information and collaborate with one another successfully. The secretariat runs regular surveys and opportunities for members to provide feedback.