A new chapter for workplace mental health

This week, United for Global Mental Health passes on the Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health to our friends at MindForward Alliance. MindForward Alliance is part of the City Mental Health Alliance, and is a non-profit organisation committed to building mentally healthy workplaces around the world.

The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health was incubated by a range of global businesses supported by United for Global Mental Health; the community now spans over 62 countries and brings together over 100 organisations. This growing global community is made up of businesses of all sizes, across many sectors, all committed to working towards better workplace mental health. These businesses have shown their commitment by signing up to the Global Business Collaboration leadership pledge to take action in their workplace. When you sign the leadership pledge, you become part of this community. Together we are growing this commitment globally, sharing knowledge to accelerate change in workplace mental health and keeping the fire lit under this important agenda.

No one business has all the answers when it comes to mental health. Change happens when we work together. Working with a range of businesses and non-profits to study and enact practical solutions demands openness and collaboration. With this in mind, we are excited that all the good work started by the founding companies and United for Global Mental Health will be built upon with MindForward Alliance.

MindForward Alliance is the global chapter developed by the City Mental Health Alliance to support businesses with their global approach to their mental health and wellbeing strategy. For over a decade, their community of businesses have been leading the way in creating transformational change in workplace mental health. Using best practices from around the globe, they offer a range of tools and services to support businesses to create mentally healthy workplaces. Which is why they are the right partner for this next phase of the GBC journey.

Workplace mental health cannot change without business leaders committed to creating change. Together, our partners MindForward Alliance, Deloitte, HSBC, Salesforce, Clifford Chance, WPP, Unilever, BP and BHP, are building a network of leaders making employee wellbeing a priority.

So as we handover, we invite you to take a look at the progress so far, and consider joining our collective mission and showing your commitment to building better workplace mental health by signing the leadership pledge!