AIDS 2022: all HIV and mental health sessions dates and times

Join us for the world’s largest conference on HIV and AIDS which will be hosted in person and virtually for the first time. To support our partners in highlighting the importance of this topic, we have listed all the sessions and events at the AIDS 2022 conference that focus on mental health and HIV. You can register for the conference here.


Getting to the heart of stigma

A thought leadership symposium on stigma and HIV/AIDS

27th July 08:30-16:15
Room 517c


Long, healthy and quality Lives through integrated NCD and HIV prevention and care for people living with and affected by HIV

A focus on raising awareness of the current needs for people living with and affected by HIV in relation to NCD prevention and care, and link evidence-informed and effective interventions.

27th July 09:00-12:30
Room 511


What matters? Actual and perceived sexual risk for HIV acquisition

A focus on the mental health experiences and perceived social and sexual risks among female sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya from LSHTM.

29th July 11:45-12:45
Room 517a / Channel 3

Mental health and HIV: the emerging and critical dimension in fighting HIV

A focus on the importance of integrating mental health into HIV approaches as part of Global Fund programming, drawing on the latest research from The Lancet on HIV and mental health.

30th July 08:00-09:00
Room 517D / Channel 2


Fun and friendship: An innovative health and psychosocial intervention for young people living with HIV

A focus on innovative health interventions and the use of therapeutic recreation models, psychosocial support techniques and evidence-based practices to enhance clinical treatment and care.

30th July 08:00-09:00
Room 516 / Channel 6

Achieving health equity for 2SLGBTQI+ communities: Lessons learned from the HIV response in Canada

A focus on the holistic approaches needed to address health issues including mental health, substance abuse, discrimination and violence, as experienced across 2SLGBTQI+ and intersecting identities.

30th July 17:45-19:15
Room 517d / Channel 2


Pandemics: Living with HIV and COVID-19

A focus on the impact of COVID-19 on economic well-being, mental health and HIV risk among MSM from the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), India.

31st July 10:30-11:30
Room 516 / Channel 6

Empowering communities in global and national policy and implementation: Lessons from the Unitaid Optimal Project

A focus on how communities can help bridge the remaining gaps in treatment optimization and advanced HIV disease, and catalyse the new horizon of HIV programs in LMICs.

31st July 17:45-19:15
Room 518 / Channel 10

We need to talk about mental health

A focus on the importance of investing in the mental health of those vulnerable to HIV infection or those living with HIV, particularly young people, and discussion of how these investments should be made.

1st August 14:30-15:30
Global Fund Advocates Network Networking Zone

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Mental health and HIV/AIDS networking event

An informal gathering of all those working in or interested in the integration of mental health into HIV/AIDS approaches.

1st August 15:45-16:45
Embassy Suites, 208 Rue Saint-Antoine O (opposite the Palais)

Integrated mental health approaches and care among people living with HIV

A focus on the impact of poor HIV care and stigma on South African young women living with HIV, mental health service utilisation, ARV adherence and suicide risks in key population groups.

2nd August 14:15-15:15
Room 517a / Channel 3

Jumping through the hoops: Reaching key adolescent populations through effective community interventions

A focus on the interventions, mental health and contextual factors that help or hinder progress for adolescents and young people.

2nd August 14:15-15:15
Room 517d / Channel 2