An update from our board of trustees

After over three years of hard work by our Founder Elisha London as the first CEO of United for Global Mental Health, at Elisha’s request we have agreed she will step down from her role as CEO. We will soon be recruiting for a new CEO to work with our Board of Trustees and the team to lead the organisation into our next three years of growth.

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees has agreed to appoint our Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, Sarah Kline, in the role as interim CEO.  As Co-Founder, from the time UnitedGMH was simply an idea to the organisation we have built today Sarah has been a driving force for our strategy and team.

Sarah will be serving as interim CEO until June 2021, and in the coming months following the finalisation of United for Global Mental Health’s three year strategy (2021 – 2024).  An open recruitment for the role of CEO will be undertaken led by the Board of Trustees whereby both internal and external candidates will be encouraged to apply as per standard UnitedGMH policy.

Elisha will continue working with Sarah and the UnitedGMH team over the coming three months, and remains committed to the work and mission of UnitedGMH to advance political and financial action on mental health.

Elisha and Sarah have worked closely to develop, launch and grow UnitedGMH. The board and all of the UnitedGMH team look forward to continuing this work in this important new stage of growth for not only UnitedGMH, but the global movement for mental health.


UnitedGMH has grown from an idea to a fully fledged global charity in just 3 years. It has been fantastic to support Elisha and the team to get the organisation to this stage and I am delighted to be taking forward the organisation through the next phase of its development.”


Serving as the first CEO of UnitedGMH has been an honour, working with our team and partners to build an organisation now driving global action on mental health around the world.   We have much more to do as we work towards a world where everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to, and I’m excited to welcome Sarah’s leadership to continue to work towards this vision.”

Sir Ian Cheshire

Chairman, Board of Trustees