Are you ready to move for mental health?

Are you ready to Move for Mental Health?

We are delighted to share some important news with you. We have joined forces with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) to launch the official World Mental Health Day 2020 campaign.

The theme this year is Move for mental health: Let’s invest

move for mental health


On 9 October, we will be calling on people around the world to #MoveforMentalHealth and to participate in the world’s first 24hour virtual March for Mental Health.  Using social media filters – that are activated by moving – you will be able to put yourself in the middle of a virtual march as it progresses around the world. A 24-hour livestream of content from experts and individuals with first hand experiences has been created to illustrate the reality of mental health, increase awareness, break down stigma and help to bring about policy change.

Never before have we seen a truly mass global movement calling for greater investment in mental health. With billions of people lacking access to good quality, appropriate mental health services, investment is needed now more than ever.

Get ready to move!