Celebrating success: raising the profile of global mental health

Together we thrive.

Campaigning for better mental health support and investment is incredibly rewarding, but can be hard at times. So we should make time to celebrate each step forward; and today we have news we are thrilled to share.

Today we are announcing the official start of a new partnership between the Speak Your Mind campaign and HSBC.

Ever since we started talking about how we could work together, we agreed on the importance of addressing mental health both within our businesses and influencing the wider world around us. There is a clear imperative to support colleagues’ mental health, as well as making a wider commitment to support the communities in which we operate, as every business is made up not just of employees, but their families and friends as well.

I know personally how unaddressed poor mental health holds us back from reaching our full potential, and when we do, the opportunity to thrive becomes possible.

This idea of thriving, reaching our full potential, is at the heart of our work, and something both we and HSBC share.

It’s been wonderful to see how HSBC’s focus on mental health has grown out of, and been strengthened by, a conversation with their employees. A network of passionate advocates has quickly formed within the bank, made up of senior leaders from across the world and staff with lived experience of mental ill health, supporting the commitment to both the mental health of their 238,000 colleagues and to Speak Your Mind.

Just as HSBC’s conversation on mental health is being led by employees, Speak Your Mind is led by grassroots campaigners active in 15 countries, including those with lived experience leading the way. It’s a joy to see our inspiring people join forces to call for an end to silence and for action to help everyone, everywhere have the mental health support they need.

The partnership between HSBC and the Speak Your Mind campaign has come at a pivotal moment in the movement for global mental health. As a truly global bank with hundreds of thousands of employees and millions of customers, HSBC can help amplify the voice of those trying to break the silence and the stigma around mental health. This will hopefully inspire other employers to prioritise mental health too.

With mental ill health affecting everyone, everywhere – whether it’s ourselves or people we work with or love – we need partners like HSBC with us; truly global partners supporting local leadership to achieve change worldwide.

HSBC leaders and employees will soon join Speak Your Mind campaigners from around the world at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, to celebrate progress and call for more action at a global and local level.

I am thankful for the commitment shown by HSBC’s leadership and employees who have championed this partnership and stepped up to address mental health around the world. It has been refreshing to work with a company that is honest about not knowing all the answers, wanting to learn, and enabling their people to take the lead.

We look forward to working closely together to ensure more people have the support they need.

It is a journey that won’t always be easy, where we know the scale of what we are trying achieve and also that we all still have more to learn. This is why we are stronger together.