Fit For Life Foundation joins the Leadership Circle

We are pleased to announce that Fit for Life Foundation are the latest members to join our Leadership Circle. As part of a select group of philanthropists, Fit for Life Foundation will work with United for Global Mental Health to better understand the mental health challenges facing older people, the link between mental health and physical activity, and how businesses can support employees’ mental health by enabling them to be more physically active.

The Leadership Circle represents a range of people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences from around the world who have one goal in common: they believe in supporting global mental health through philanthropy.

Leadership Circle membership provides an exclusive opportunity for members to develop their knowledge of global mental health through a tailored programme that provides access to the latest up to date information on global mental health, and the chance to engage with various United for Global Mental Health initiatives which are designed to advance global action on mental health around the world. This includes meeting other like-minded professionals, the opportunity to attend events and private meetings, and early access to information about UnitedGMH’s plans, including new initiatives and events. In recent months the Leadership Circle have come together for meetings focused on accelerating global mental health philanthropy and responses to suicide and suicide prevention in the time of Covid-19.

Most importantly, members of the Leadership Circle know and understand that their contribution is enabling our expert team to remain at the cutting edge of global mental health, and equipped to respond with our unique expertise in the areas of advocacy, financing and campaigning.

Sarah Kline, co-founder and interim CEO of UnitedGMH said:

“We are delighted that Fit for Life Foundation has chosen to join us in catalysing action on this crucial global challenge and we look forward to working with them to integrate mental health into Fight for Life’s vision of healthy aging.”

Thank you to the Fit For Life Foundation and to all members of our Leadership Circle for their continued support for our work.