Global Fund Replenishment Conference: Integrating mental health into HIV and TB programmes

UnitedGMH is delighted to share with partners our communications toolkit calling for the integration of mental health within TB and HIV programmes around the world. 

This is timed with the upcoming Seventh Global Fund Replenishment Conference due to take place from 19th – 21st September 2022 in New York City.

The conference will be the first replenishment since the new strategy (Fighting Pandemics and Building a Healthier and More Equitable World) was approved, which significantly includes mental health for the first time.

By integrating mental health into HIV programmes through the Global Fund, we could see almost 1 million people avoid contracting HIV thereby speeding up the reduction of HIV cases by 10-17%

Mental health, HIV and TB are intrinsically linked – by investing in mental health not only will global HIV and TB targets be reached quicker, but the quality of life and wellbeing of those at risk of or living with HIV and TB will be dramatically improved.

Therefore, a fully funded Global Fund can have a huge and positive impact on tens, if not hundreds of millions, of people’s physical and mental health, and play a leading role in integrated, person-centred care. We need donors to understand the impact their finance can have through the Global Fund. 

Please help us promote this message and encourage donors yet to pledge to the seventh Replenishment. Use the toolkit we’ve produced or supporting our social media posts on Twitter or LinkedIn on this topic over the coming days.


Download our Global Fund Replenishment communications toolkit to access:

Global Fund Replenishment toolkit

  • A Fact sheet highlighting the challenge we face and the return on investment as a result of integrating mental health into HIV and TB programs.
  • Social media graphics and key messages to share on your channels. 
  • Case studies from organisations at community level demonstrating the impact of integrating mental health into HIV and TB programmes.
  • Two reports – the Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) report on the Global Fund and mental health; and the UnitedGMH research report on the potential impact of integrating mental health into HIV and TB programmes.