Thank you to the Hewlett Foundation

By Sarah Kline, CEO and Co-Founder of United for Global Mental Health

On behalf of United for Global Mental Health, I’m pleased to share the news that the Hewlett Foundation has donated $250,000 to our work.

As an organisation we feel honoured to have received this unrestricted funding from the foundation. This trusted support means so much to our team. There are a few ways in which unrestricted funding, in particular, proves invaluable to our drive for high impact:

  • It allows our organisation flexibility as we grow and develop
  • It allows us to be more responsive, more agile and more forward-thinking
  • It enables us to quickly adapt to our external and internal environment

In a very short time we have seen a number of big changes across the mental health sector. More players have entered the field, while public demand continues to grow for better mental health services and support. We have adapted to this changing environment and prioritised where we believe we can add greatest value. The Hewlett Foundation is recognized for helping to build fields and institutional strengthening, and this grant aligns with that spirit.

Over the next three years we will continue to focus our work in  areas where we have built unique knowledge and expertise, and will remain committed to our vision to a world where everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to for their mental health. Measures of success for these four areas include:

  • Establishing and sustaining an independent and highly credible global monitoring and accountability platform e.g. Countdown Global Mental Health 2030
  • A substantial increase in quality financing for mental health services and support for those who need them most e.g. our work on the Global Fund
  • The full integration of mental health and psychosocial support into key global strategies and national reforms e.g. our work on child and youth mental health and on Universal Health Coverage
  • Significantly growing mental health advocacy capacity across the world, particularly in low-middle income countries, e.g. Global Mental Health Action Network

The Hewlett Foundation’s support will allow us to keep moving forward with our vital work and help strengthen the field of mental health: incubating new initiatives and delivering projects with positive impact to enable better mental health for all. We are excited to continue our partnership with the foundation over the next year and look forward to sharing our progress.