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Our Founding Story

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In 2017, our Founder Elisha London became aware of the need for greater action on mental health globally as the level of global investment in mental health was so low, yet the global need was increasing. So, she went in search of an organisation that was working on global campaigning, advocacy and financing for mental health around the world. 

There wasn't one


She asked our Co-Founders Sarah Kline and Zander Woollcombe, both global experts in creating significant impact for social causes at a global level for their views on what needed to be done, and their support.

Together, they understood the need for coordinated effort, so together they founded United for Global Mental Health.

They began by consulting experts around the world on what was needed, and how that could be achieved.

They discovered the inspirational initiatives, driven by passionate campaigners for better mental health around the world, and listened to what would help them create change.

They listened to the many heartbreaking stories from those who had suffered mental ill health, and the truth about how little was being done to address this crisis by international leaders.

And they spoke to the business community about what could be achieved in the workplace to prevent mental ill health, as well as working with economists to identify the case for unlocking human potential lost through ill health.




Since then, UnitedGMH has brought a movement for global mental health together, with one shared vision for 2030: A world in which everyone everywhere has someone to turn to when their mental health needs support.