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Project Unsung wins a second prestigious award

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Project Unsung wins a second prestigious award

In October 2020, our 24 hour virtual March for Mental Health put a spotlight on the mental health challenges and solutions being faced in 17 countries around the world, and highlighted the themes of mental health and youth, LGBTQI+, inclusion, dementia and emergency crises.


Six months on, we are delighted to announce that “Project Unsung”, which was launched as part of the campaign, has won two prestigious awards, picking up both a Spikes Asia 2021 award and a Gold ADFEST award for Use of Talent. 


The moving campaign featured leading artists from around the world opening up about their own personal experience of mental health, from loneliness and isolation to depression and PTSD. By narrating powerful lyrics in a raw and engaging video, the musicians shone a light on an issue far too often overlooked, both inside and outside of the music industry.

The full list of participating artists included:


• Nathan Hartono (Singapore)

• Jasmine Sokko (Singapore)

• Leanne and Naara (Philippines)

• St. Wolf (Philippines)

• Hanin Dhiya (Indonesia)

• Suara Kayu (Indonesia)

• Rahmania Astrini (Indonesia)

• Aizat Amdan (Malaysia)

• Young Hysan (Hong Kong)

• Dough-Boy (Hong Kong)

• Kiiara (USA)

• Soleima (Denmark)

• Anri Kumaki (Japan)

• D Gerrard (Thailand)

• Pyra (Thailand)

• Sam Feldt (Netherlands)

• Elderbrook (UK)


It was an honour to feature “Project Unsung” in our March for Mental Health campaign, and we are delighted that our message has been heard loud and clear. 


It's time to invest in mental health.