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Who we work with

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Who we work with

At United for Global Mental Health, we work with a variety of international and national partners to accelerate our goal of creating a world in which everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to in support of their mental health. 

This includes working with the following groups.


We work with national governments and donor governments to provide strategic advice on how to successfully finance and progress mental health systems, and how to build momentum among key stakeholders and navigate the international mental health community. We have worked with the governments of, amongst others, Canada, France, Japan, Liberia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Pakistan, UK, USA. 

International Organisations

We work with a number of international organisations such as the Red Cross movement; UN agencies such as the World Health Organization, Unicef and UNFPA; and multilateral funding agencies such as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Our aim is to encourage all of them to ensure mental health remains a key priority for the global community and they help accelerate progress to ensure good mental health for all.

Trusts and Foundations

Philanthropy plays a significant role in mental health, but mental health still receives just 0.5% of all philanthropic health spending – the lowest proportion of any branch of health. We work with trusts and foundations who are either entering the mental health sector or expanding their mental health work to assist in designing strategies and connecting to the right people at global and national levels. We are launching a new report highlighting this issue in April 2021.

National and Global Civil Society Organisations

Increasingly civil society is working to influence those who have the power to change national and global mental health for the better to do so. We assist other civil society organisations by facilitating campaigning and advocacy activities, identifying funding opportunities, and providing opportunities for grassroots organisations to highlight their work on the global stage and hold their governments accountable in front of a global audience.


We work with businesses who share our values and overarching goal of ensuring everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to for support with their mental health. We have worked with a range of businesses who are committed to improving workplace mental health and/or campaigning with others to raise the profile of mental health in order to reduce stigma and accelerate positive change.

The Global Mental Health Action Network

The Global Mental Health Action Network is an open community of mental health professionals who share a mission to protect the right to good mental health, working together to improve political and financial support for mental health globally. With over 1200 engaged members from over 90 countries, including from academia, governments, UN agencies, the private sector, and civil society, it is the only global mental health network of its kind in the world. Find out more here.