Our Impact Report 2023

Explore our new report detailing the impact that United for Global Mental Health has had on advancing global and national mental health advocacy throughout 2023. Our collective efforts, in collaboration with our network of partners around the world, have resulted in significant achievements that have transformed the mental health landscape.

Some of the key highlights from 2023 include:

  • Decriminalising Suicide: we have advocated for several years to get suicide decriminalised around the world. This year saw the decriminalisation of suicide in four countries: Pakistan, Ghana, Guyana, and Malaysia. UnitedGMH was very proud to contribute to the efforts of national partners, particularly those in Pakistan and Ghana, in supporting their work to achieve this historic result. And we made sure there was a commitment to decriminalise suicide in the Small Island Developing States ‘Bridgetown Declaration’ paving the way to decriminalisation across the Caribbean (one of our key goals for 2024). 
  • Inclusion of Mental Health in UN General Assembly Declarations: Our advocacy efforts led to a historic milestone as mental health was comprehensively included for the first time in three key UN General Assembly declarations on Pandemic Preparedness and Response, Tuberculosis (TB), and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). These declarations, spanning 193 countries and covering 7.9 billion people, signify a significant step towards prioritising mental health on the global agenda and ensuring access to mental health services for all. You can read case studies about our work supporting national partners and our UHC advocacy toolkit as we are committed to driving further action in 2024. 
  • Unlocking support from The Global Fund: thanks to the advocacy work of United for Global Mental Health alongside governments, international agencies and civil society organisations (CSOs) The Global Fund strategy now integrates mental health. And now we are tracking progress to ensure additional funding really does lead to lives saved. We established an interagency working group to coordinate the work of UN agencies and bilateral donors to make sure the money flows. In 2023, we worked in partnership with national organisations in 14 countries and two regional networks to integrate mental health into national applications to the Global Fund. We will continue this work in 2024. Learn more about how we will sustain the momentum.
  • Getting Mental Health on the National Agenda: United for Global Mental Health worked with partners to propel mental health onto national agendas across various countries. In Nigeria, we supported the government and CSOs in revising the national mental health policy, fostering a more inclusive and effective approach to mental health care. We have produced an advocacy guide on using the WHO/OCHR guidance on health, human rights and legislation so in 2024 we can help more countries reform their mental health laws. 

Explore our Impact Report for a detailed overview of our accomplishments. Together, we’re breaking barriers, dismantling stigma, and ensuring everyone has access to the support they need.