Vote for World Mental Health Day 2023 Theme

By Sarah Kline, CEO and Co-Founder, UnitedGMH

The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) has opened its voting for this year’s World Mental Health Day theme

There is a poll with a wide range of options. Take a look and take part!

UnitedGMH will work with the WFMH on World Mental Health Day which takes place on October 10th, 2023 on whatever theme is selected. We will choose to amplify the aspects that fit most clearly with our priorities and those of all of you as our key partners.

Vote for the World Mental Health Day 2023 theme

Here is a summary of the themes United for Global Mental Health (UnitedGMH) think are key to driving progress on mental health this year and which will also appeal to a broad audience around the world.

Of the themes selected by WFMH, we are likely to support the following:

Option 3: Mental Health is a Universal Human Right

The issue of rights is fundamentally important to the work of ourselves and our partners e.g. decriminalising suicide. And with the UN High-level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage taking place this year, there is a lot of political discussion about fully integrating mental health throughout health care.

It is a topic for health ministers and heads of state including at the World Health Assembly, the G7 and the G20

Option 9: Our Climate and Mental Health Matters

There is growing recognition of the links between climate change/environmental change and health. The topic will be raised in different environment-related meetings this year. 

Crucial decisions on the future of the planet are being made and we need the voices of people with lived experience – particularly from LMICs – to be heard and their needs accounted for.

Option 11: Mental Health in All Policies

Mental health in all policies is the theme for the ministerial summit on mental health this year, hosted by Argentina.

More and more conversations are happening on how mental health should be integrated into policies covering issues such as education, social policy and the judicial system. Without integration there will not be progress.


Vote for the World Mental Health Day 2023 theme

Please do vote for what you think the theme should be for World Mental Health Day 2023.