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Mental health and UHC

“Putting mental health firmly into UHC efforts is critical to the success of UHC, and will reap benefits far beyond the health sector”

A UHC2030 op-ed, written by Dr Githinji Gitahi and Dr Maxim Polyakov, that argues that mental health integration into health systems is critical to ensure the full success of UHC implementation; and outlines the potential benefits of doing this at scale. 2020.

Child and caregiver mental health

Mental Health and COVID-19

Global Mental Health

Mental Health, HIV and TB

Mental Health Finance

The Return on the Individual

The Return on the Individual report turns the traditional approach to return on investment on its head and, for the first time, makes the wider social and business case for investing in mental health; and for putting people at the heart of investment. It shows that when we invest in mental health, it creates a ripple effect of returns; right across our families, communities, businesses, economies and societies. 2020.