Countdown Global Mental Health 2030

Sarah Kline, CEO, United for Mental Global Health and Shekhar Saxena, Professor of the Practice of Global Mental Health at the Department of Global Health and Population at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Around the world, there is insufficient data on mental health. Without better data we cannot hope to correctly design and deliver mental health prevention, promotion and treatment programmes. 

Countdown for Global Mental Health 2030 is a partnership between Global Mental Health @Harvard, WHO, UNICEF, the Global Mental Health Peer Network and United for Global Mental Health.

Together we aim to transform mental health data and monitor progress towards improving mental health for all within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Each year we update an interactive dashboard showing mental health data from around the world, and UnitedGMH produces a report on what the data tells us.

Countdown 2030 global monitoring platform mental healthcare

To develop the 2023 Countdown dashboard, a group of 16 technical experts reviewed data from multiple sources and identified 48 indicators, from 15 sources, covering 193 countries.

Thanks to all their hard work, we now have the clearest possible picture of the state of mental health around the world based on globally comparable data

And the situation is concerning. Poverty and inequality are worsening: this is likely to increase cases of mental ill health as a result.

Effective mental health programmes should focus on measures to reduce the impact of rising poverty and inequality, e.g. by extending social protection and national health insurance schemes to people with mental health conditions. 

Countdown 2030 global monitoring platform mental healthcare

Over 60% of countries have failed to produce a specific report on mental health in the last two years.  If we are to meet the SDGs there needs to be regular mental health data collection and reporting.

This means mental health options in surveys and health information systems, enhancing vital registration systems, and incorporating mental health in human development tracking initiatives. 

We need all those investing in mental health – governments, trusts and foundations – to fund increased collection and better use of data.

Countdown 2030 global monitoring platform mental healthcare

Governments need to improve mental health service availability, access, standards and quality and to track progress more effectively and comprehensively.

Trusts and foundations need to invest in strengthening the data systems that they rely on to inform decision making and they need to report publicly on the data they generate through the activities they fund.

For advocates seeking to drive change in their societies, we trust the Countdown 2030 report and the dashboard can help you track what progress is happening and where, and help you hold decision-makers to account.